Valentine’s Day is Fast Approaching, So Gather the Chocolates and Lingerie

That lover’s holiday we know as Valentine’s Day is coming up again. This year, be prepared for it. There is no sense in running around at the last minute to find the right gift. Here’s a list of the traditional winners.

1. Flowers. This is the most expensive time to buy flowers, but she doesn’t care. Roses are the preferred.

2. Chocolate. This works for both of you since it is rumored to have aphrodisiac properties.

3. Dinner. There might be nothing more romantic than sharing dinner together over a couple glasses of your favorite wine. Make your reservations now to guarantee a table.

4. Stuffed animals. The ladies love a cute little teddy bear that is holding a heart. Tell her she is the bear and the heart is yours.

5. Get a room. There’s just something about hotel rooms. You better book a reservation for this one too. They go fast.

6. A day at the spa. They all like this one. It’s a stress reliever. Make dinner for her when she gets home.

7. Lingerie. This one is always a winner. Get her something she might like and also get her something you like. You never know.

Whatever you decide is right for your love, make sure you take care of it early. The day comes fast and you don’t want to be sent out to the doghouse.

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