Valentines Day Gifts Can Expose a Cheating Husband

If you have the uneasy feeling that your husband is having an extramarital affair, Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to confirm what you suspect. The Valentine’s Day gift he gives his mistress or the gift he receives from her in return, can provide you with proof of his infidelity. If your husband has a […]

Real Solutions For Combatting Extreme Shyness

Most people experience some degree of shyness from time to time in certain situations. In fact, only about 7% of the population claims that they never feel shy. For the rest of us, shyness can range from being an occasional, minor inconvenience, to being a major problem. Some people however, are afflicted with a degree […]

How a Three Letter Word Kills Good Relationships

“You know, I really do love fish!” My friend Steve came up with this profound comment as we were about to tuck into the gastronomic offerings before us in a crowded downtown restaurant. I raised my eyebrows. Well, on the face of it, Steve sure wasn’t kidding. He lost no time in matching words with […]

You Have to Probe Deeper: Why First Impressions Are Dangerous

Do you remember when, as a small child at a birthday party, you sat wide-eyed and gaping as a magician pulled out a rabbit with a flourish from a seemingly empty top hat? At the time, the wonder of it all left you speechless and full of awe, but like all healthy children, you grew […]

Dinner Scooped Off the Floor – Why Men Wont Commit

“We strengthen a muscle by using it, and that is true of the heart and mind, too.”— Danielle Crittenden “I just got an email from him and I need your help,” was the first thing she said when I answered the phone. The guy she was talking about had disappeared for six months following a […]

How do We Change our Self Esteem Perception?

Many of us have heard about the power of positive thinking to effect a change. The idea is not new, it stems from modern psychology as well as from ancient spiritual teachings. In each case, an individual is encouraged to avoid negative thoughts and to replace them with positive and hopeful messages. Think of your […]

Ridding Yourself Of Being A Manipulator To Better Your Relationships

One of the oldest character flaws in humans is their ability to manipulate each other. It’s insidious nature tilts our everyday playing field toward the manipulator. The manipulating person has a basic personality flaw that has a direct link to control, but primarily the ever-abundant insecurity issue. So, how is it that we deal with […]

Reaching the Ultimate Level in Human Relationships

I want to tell you a little story. Not about anything dramatic. On the contrary, it’s very ordinary. So ordinary, in fact, that the many onlookers who must have been standing around didn’t bat an eyelid when they overheard this brief conversation in a busy butcher shop. Hardly surprising that it made no impression on […]

Has The Magic Gone From Your Relationship?

Kathleen and Dan have been together for several years now. At first it was magic and Dan was so romantic and attentive. Now he is constantly criticizing her or even worse ignoring her completely. When he’s not out with his friends he lays around the house watching T.V. expecting her to wait on him. Just […]

How Can Empathy Shape Your Values?

One of the most underrated concepts that most people overlook is approaching life from an empathetic standpoint. Despite our best intentions, it is not always that we live by this ethical code that is deeply embedded in all of us. Much of my writings are geared to logical approaches to an overwhelming world and this […]