Lists, Lists, and More Lists

Every person that thinks something is amiss in their relationship wants to know, what are the signs that my partner is cheating on me. Well guess what! These signs can leave you with more doubts than anything else. You’ve seen some. Shoot, if you’ve subscribed to The Injured Heart you’ve even seen a list of signs on this website. I included them as a thank you for subscribing to my newsletter because they can be beneficial and get you thinking about things you might not have thought of. However, some of the lists that I’ve seen both here on the web and in magazines has just left me with a hundred more doubts. My husband spends a lot of time on the computer. Does that in and of itself mean that he is cheating on me? Also, just because he may increase the amount of time he spends on the computer, does that mean that he’s cheating on me too?

Do you see what I mean by these lists creating more doubts. Here’s the thing, you know what you marriage is normally like. Do you notice changes? Do things appear to be different than they were? Is this just because the two of you are settling into a comfort zone and allowing your relationship to slip or is it something more?

As I said, you know what your relationship is normally. How far from normal do you think things are right now? If you feel that things are way off base in your relationship then they probably are. That does not mean that your partner is cheating. It means there is something wrong and you need to figure out what that is. Is it on your end or your partners end? Try to open the lines of communication with your partner! Many, many affairs happen because partners stopped communicating.

Don’t just use the lists that are circulating out there! They are not concrete signs that tell you for sure if your partner is cheating. Their useful purpose is in the fact that they get you thinking!

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